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Usage: snail [options] [command]

CLI for Glitch

  -V, --version                    output the version number
  -h, --help                       display help for command

  auth                             sign in
  whoami [options]                 show user login
  remote [options]                 set up the glitch git remote
  setenv [options] <name> <value>  set an environment variable
  exec [options] <command...>      run a command in the project container
  term|t [options] [command...]    connect to a project terminal
  pipe [options] <command...>      run a command and transfer binary data to and from it
  rsync <args...>                  launch rsync with snail pipe as the transport
  ssh                              interact over SSH
  logs [options]                   watch application logs
  stop [options]                   stop project container
  download [options]               download project as tarball
  asset|a                          manage CDN assets
  ot                               interact over OT
  hours                            show project hours usage
  project                          manage projects
  member                           manage project members
  domain                           manage custom domains
  web                              display web URLs
  console                          generate snippets for running in the developer console
  help [command]                   display help for command

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